Navigate ARFID with a compassionate and collaborative approach

Weight-inclusive nutrition therapy for those looking for support with ARFID.

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You are unique, and so is your experience with ARFID.


You may struggle with sensory issues, or with a fear of certain foods, and you may have a lack of interest in eating.

In our nutrition therapy sessions, we'll identify your specific challenges and tailor strategies that resonate with your personal experience, aiming for a holistic improvement in your relationship with food.

I'm here to listen, understand, and walk this path with you.

We know that ARFID is more than just 'picky eating.'

It's a complex and often misunderstood condition that can impact your life in various ways.

Here, we'll dive into understanding the nuances of ARFID – how it's different from other eating disorders, its effects on your physical and mental health, and why recognizing these differences is crucial for your journey.

After nutrition therapy, you will...

  • Gradually expand the variety of foods in your diet at your pace, improving the enjoyment of your meals
  • Learn effective coping strategies to manage and reduce the stress caused by ARFID
  • Have the brain space to think about things other than food...things you WANT to be thinking about
  • Be free from the control food currently has over your life
  • Have a better understanding of what is happening in your body
  • Enjoy a sense of being heard and understood in your journey

Every step forward is worth celebrating.

Whether it's trying a new food, enjoying a meal without anxiety, or simply gaining a better understanding of your body's signals, we'll take time to acknowledge and celebrate your progress.

"words can not describe Bethany's impact on my quality of life"

I am immensely grateful for Bethany; words can not describe her impact on my quality of life beyond just nutrition. Bethany has taken many hours outside of our sessions to advocate on my behalf and ensure I receive quality support. I personally struggle with ARFID eating disorder and feel like I am the "difficult one" when it comes to food.

Bethany has supported me in breaking down my feelings and messages from people in my life to heal my own body without feeling shame from the food I eat. Bethany is extremely understanding, empathic, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, and supportive. From my experience of working with Bethany for about 2 years, she is the best of the best.

 I highly recommend Bethany, often to my friends, family, and my own clients.

Adult ARFID Client

Hi, I'm Bethany

And I'm so glad you're here!

I believe that you deserve to live a life that isn't controlled by food. I imagine there is a part of you that believes that, too, which is probably what brought you here.

I know the eating disorder has been robbing you from experiencing a fulfilling life. I also know the eating disorder has been serving a purpose, helping you to try to cope with shitty feelings and shitty life experiences.

It has been an attempt to protect yourself, but unfortunately, it comes with sucky side effects in multiple areas of your life (like low energy levels, food fears, possibly stomach issues and maybe even nutrient deficiencies).

It's also led you to a place where you don't trust your body and have become disconnected from it.

This is where I come in! Through nutrition therapy, I can help YOU learn how to, not only nourish your body, but to also reconnect to it and start to trust it (and yourself) again!

I'm looking forward to working together!

bethany wheeler


What to expect

Customized Food Exploration Strategies

Tailored approaches to gently expand your diet at your pace, taking into account your unique sensory preferences and nutritional needs, to enhance your eating experience.

Mealtime Anxiety Management Techniques

Practical methods and tools to reduce mealtime anxiety, fostering a more positive eating environment.

Ongoing Support and Adjustment

Regular check-ins on your progress with the flexibility to adjust strategies, ensuring continuous support and alignment with your evolving needs and goals.

Curious about how it all works?

Complete inquiry form & discovery call

After you submit the inquiry form, you will have a chance to schedule a discovery call. This call gives us a chance to chat for 15 minutes to see if we would be a good fit and to answer any questions you have about my practice.

Schedule your first session

View my availability and submit a request for a session on the day/time that will work for you (A credit card is required to submit this request)

Tell me more about yourself

You will then have an opportunity to provide more information about yourself through my client portal before we meet. You will also be prompted to read through and sign my Practice Policies and Informed Consent at this point.

Let's get to work

Plan for us to meet weekly for at least the first 3 months. Meeting weekly provides momentum and also accountability for you to stay engaged in and prioritize this work together. On average, most clients work with me for a total of 6 months. We will assess your progress along the way to help you determine the total length of time we need to work together.

Client stories

ARFID dietitian atlanta ga
All the Stars in the Universe!

Bethany joined the care team for my daughter after she had been placed in a residential and outpatient program to treat her newly diagnosed Avoidant Restrictive Intake Disorder (ARFID). We came to Bethany with a lot of trauma from that facility. Bethany soothed both our souls and began to be my point person in treating my daughter. On two occasions, Bethany recognized that my daughter needed additional care. She coordinated with CHOA and me while my child was hospitalized for 10 days and left with a feeding tube. Bethany assisted me for a year while my daughter was on the tube and another year once she moved to solids. I can’t praise her enough for her knowledge and heart. She is understanding and patient and will always be the best part of a very difficult time.

Parent of Teen ARFID Client


I charge premium rates so that you get the quality, individualized care you deserve.

Frequently asked questions

Ready to get started with nutrition therapy?

I know this is a big commitment and investment. And I believe YOU are 100% worth it. This is your moment to finally put an end to food controlling your life. You don't have to continue to live this way!