You deserve to live a life that isn't controlled by food

Nutrition therapy is where you can learn how to nourish, reconnect to and trust your body

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bethany wheeler

Hi, I'm Bethany

And I'm so glad you're here!

I believe that you deserve to live a life that isn't controlled by food. I imagine there is a part of you that believes that, too, which is probably what brought you here.

I know the eating disorder has been robbing you from experiencing a fulfilling life. I also know the eating disorder has been serving a purpose, helping you to try to cope with shitty feelings and shitty life experiences.

It has been an attempt to protect yourself, but unfortunately, it comes with sucky side effects in multiple areas of your life (like low energy levels, food fears, possibly stomach issues and maybe even nutrient deficiencies).

It's also led you to a place where you don't trust your body and have become disconnected from it.

This is where I come in! Through nutrition therapy, I can help YOU learn how to, not only nourish your body, but to also reconnect to it and start to trust it (and yourself) again!

I'm looking forward to working together!

My Mission

I provide compassionate, ethical nutrition therapy to empower healing and self-acceptance, focusing on recovery from eating disorders in a safe and respectful space. My mission challenges diet culture, advocating for inclusive and neurodiversity-affirming wellness.

My Values

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Neurodiversity-Affirming Care

Emphasizing respect and tailored approaches for all neurotypes. I am commited to providing inclusive and empathetic healthcare.
bethany wheeler dietitian nutritionist georgia


Working together with clients and other providers, fostering a team-based approach to care and recovery is very important to me.
bethany wheeler dietitian nutritionist georgia

Transparency and Honesty

Central to building trust, I want to ensure that my clients are fully informed and involved in their care decisions.
bethany wheeler dietitian nutritionist georgia


Respecting clients' autonomy is important to me because I want to empower clients to make their own informed health choices.
bethany wheeler dietitian nutritionist georgia


I believe it is important to have understanding and empathy in client interactions.
bethany wheeler dietitian nutritionist georgia


Encouraging a sense of exploration and open-mindedness is my approach to learning and growth in the field of nutrition and health​.

I didn't even know what a dietitian was until I worked with one during my own eating disorder treatment

(Yep, that's right...I've been through this recovery process myself!)

Working with a dietitian was such an impactful experience that it led me to become a dietitian, specifically one specializing in eating disorders. 

I pursued additional training, especially during my dietetic internship. I actively chose a rotation at an inpatient eating disorder treatment center, which not only deepened my passion but also paved the way for my first professional role as a dietitian on a university's eating disorder treatment team.

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As the campus dietitian, my other roles included providing one-on-one nutrition therapy, overseeing cooking demonstrations, and collaborating with sports teams and athletes. I also taught undergraduate nutrition courses in the Department of Exercise Science & Sport Management.

During my time at the university, I completed my Master's in Applied Exercise & Health Science, which included a thesis project on disordered eating, body image, and exercise self-efficacy.

Over the first six years as a dietitian, my nutrition philosophy evolved significantly.

I was introduced to intuitive eating during my own treatment, but it wasn't until a few years into my career as a dietitian that I truly began to embrace it. Discovering intuitive eating opened the door to learning about Health at Every Size® and weight-inclusive care, which was a transformative and empowering discovery for me.

And then in 2018, I felt a pull to make a change in my career and that is when B. Wheeler Nutrition was born!

Fun facts

A full house

We have 2 amazing kiddos, one who is currently in her Taylor Swift era and the other who is into all things Frozen and Minnie Mouse! We also have 3 dogs- one who thinks he's king of the house, one who thinks she's queen of the house and then one who just wants to play catch with her ball 24/7.

Lots of tats

I have 5 tattoos, including one that my oldest kiddo drew when she was 3 years old.

Fav music

My favorite music artists: John Denver, Hanson (yes, they sing more than just Mmmbop) and T. Swift.

Nap extraordinaire

I'm really good at taking naps!

Ready to work together?